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Monday, July 4, 2011

Lost dog adventure

This morning, the dogs went nuts when someone walked past the side yard with their dog. A little while later, they started barking again. This time, the jingling collar tags sounded like random wandering. I peeked over the fence to see a big silver dog wandering around loose.

Of course, I had to find out what was up with her. If only to get my dogs to stop barking. No one was outside with her. She didn't really want me to come close, very barky, but scared with a tucked tail. She ran up to the porch of a house a few doors down from us. No one home. She did have a collar, but the address was a block away. Matt and I took her to the address on her collar.

The house was abandoned. The dog did look pretty skinny (as well as being enormous up close). Did someone abandon her along with the house? So, we took her home.

Big as she was, she was rather timid with our dogs. Not at all aggressive (and our three did pretty well, considering), but she couldn't really settle with them. She was very sweet with us, especially Matt, trying to climb into his lap (or over his shoulders) when Sasha and Cyrus got to sniffy.

We left a note at the house she'd been so interested in. My thought was that perhaps her owners and the owners of this other house (which had a bulldog in the backyard) had been friends and maybe walked the dogs together or visited each other, and that's why she knew the house.

As it turned out, her owners had lost the house. Then moved to a rental on our street, which was why she wanted to get back in that house. Her owners were very worried when they came home to find her out of the yard, but very happy that we'd picked her up so she wasn't wandering loose all morning.

We miss her a little, she was so sweet. Big, though. Turns out she is a 10 month old Great Dane. We're close enough to visit. :)

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