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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Frank Fender

So Matt gets a call from his aunt, who says that a lady from work is looking for a home for her Himalayan kitty. An upcoming baby is involved and the family is not going to keep the cat.

Well, let's just say I did extract a promise that no cats will ever be let outside again, no matter what. Also, the cats are really his, so he kind of makes the call on new cats.

The good news is that Frankie (for his beautiful blue eyes) absolutely loves dogs. He's fascinated by them and not at all afraid. He really likes Cyrus.

They are opposite of each other, pale where the other is dark.

He was even comfortable in the middle of the pack, with everyone sniffing him. He's such a steady little guy.

Now if only we can convince Moira to like him. She perches on tall things and hisses when he comes near. He prefers to stay at dog level, so she is currently playing the "ground is lava" game.