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Thursday, April 22, 2010


So, above, you see the brand new family. A single parent family. Cute little fluffy dog (looking sad in this picture) is the little dog I found lost and lonely in February in the parking lot of the Kingdom Hall. I didn't want to take such a sweetie (and she is absolutely sweet, even with my dogs who are all marginal at best) to the pound, so I decided to foster her while we looked for her owner. I filled out lost dog reports with both of our area shelters and put up ads and posters all over. The county shelter informed me that after 2 weeks she would be considered my dog, "nonreturnable" in other words.

Or, in a nicer way of looking at it, adoptable. Enter a good friend from Fresno, who indicated that he and his new wife were kicking around the idea of adding another little fluffy dog to their family, which already included a charming, pleasantly spoiled dog of similar description, named Honey Bear. This is how Sad Little Lost Dog became Polar Bear, beloved member of a wonderful family.

As you may have guessed, Polar Bear came with some surprises of her own. These lovely 5 pups arrived a week ago (they are only 4 days or so in this picture, though). I imagine they will have personalities just as sweet as Mama, who is shy but utterly without aggressive tendencies, and to whom everyone is eventually a friend.

Good job, Polar Bear. I know you'll be a good mom to these great puppies.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Where does the time go?

I would love to say I'd been superbusy with this or that. But it turns out to just be an awful lot of this'n'thats (and an unhealthy dose of Farmville) but I can still come up with some updates.

First of all, the little lost fluffy dog we found in February has surprised us. She was adopted by William and Rachel in Fresno, after we gave up hope of finding her owner. Apparently, she was a week or so pregnant by the time we found her and she has given birth to five healthy, adorable puppies. Whoever daddy was, he must have looked a lot like Ms. Polar Bear, because her puppies look just like her. She couldn't have picked better people because Will and Rachel are delighted with them, as anyone who's Facebook friends of theirs can attest. Lucky girl.

Next, and nowhere near as exciting as puppies, my garden is starting to produce. I've been harvesting lettuce and other greens. I've eaten all my broccoli raab. I've learned that I should plant these kinds of things earlier in the year (and I'll probably have a better time of it in fall, too). The dogs have helped, such as it is. When they dug out the bed I had in the backyard, they seem to have spread radishes far and wide. I have so far found five radishes that managed to tough it out and grow in the most difficult of circumstances. Who knew a radish was so determined? Forget The Landscaping Ideas of Jays, next time I'll just ask Sasha's opinion.

Finally, I am working on the design for my first Yudu screen project, loosely based on these photos from the Desert Botanical Gardens. I just love the idea of those poppies and bluebells together. (The images are large size so I can print them off the internet later. Our printer is too cheap for nice prints)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Arizona Blitz

We got back early this morning from a three day whirlwind tour of Phoenix and Sedona Arizona. We had a wonderful time and saw and did many post-worthy things. Unfortunately, there isn't enough time this evening to do the trip justice, so I'm going to put up a selection of the best pictures and fill in on the rest of it later.